Norbert A. Agana

Electrical and Computer Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University

Email: naagana AT




Research Intersts

Control Systems, Renewable Energy Resources, Extreme Events Modeling, Machine Learning and Data Mining



BSc: 2006, University of Cape Coas,t Ghana,, Mathematics & Statistics

MSc: 2013, Tuskegee University ,Alabama, Electrical Engineering

PhD: 2013-now, North Carolina A&T State University, Electrical Engineering



Current Research

Analysis of extreme events in climate data under both stationary and non-stationary conditions using statistical and climate models.

Extreme weather and climate events are rare events that can have serious damaging effects on socioeconomic infrastructure and the society in general. Hence, our goal is to come up with accurate models that will be used to make predictions on the occurrence of these events so as to help reduce risk.