Allan Anzagira

Electrical and Computer Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University





Research Interests

Control Systems, Hybrid Systems, Data Mining, Power Electronic systems



BSc:2012, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering

PhD: 2014-now, North Carolina A&T State University, Electrical Engineering



Current Research

Cognitive Attention Models for Driver Engagement in Intelligent and Semi-autonomous Vehicles:

Driver distraction is the leading cause of vehicle crashes and incidents [NHTSA]. Driver distraction comes

mainly in two forms; Visual (eyes off road) and Cognitive (mind off road). Visual distraction is easily

detected through driver eye movements whereas cognitive distraction requires a combination of various

measures (vehicle kinematics, driver physiological measures and driving performance.  

Main focus of this research is to detect driver cognitive distraction using various data mining techniques

such as Support vector machines and Random Forests. These distraction detection algorithms will be

applied in modeling of semi-autonomous control framework for vehicles. Vehicle controller will be able

to alert driver or automatically alter some control input (velocity, braking, etc) in the event of distraction

depending on the level of threat posed.