Emmanuel Arzate

Computer Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University

Email: eiarzate AT aggies.ncat.edu







Research Intersts

Control Systems - Robotics



BSc: 2010-now, North Carolina A&T State University, Computer Engineering




Current Research

Robotics with Robotic Open Source software.

The purpose of research is to achieve a turtle bot formation where there is a turtle bot leader and turtle bot follower. The turtle bots use a kinetic image sensor to read laser scans of an environment. The laser scans recorded by the kinetic sensor can be interpreted by RVIZ which uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping principles to generate a 2 Dimensional map of the environment. RVIZ is modeling software that is part of ROS and can be implemented to generate a coordinate system where one robot can read it's current location based on a x-y-z plane. After that x-y-z plane is generated by RVIZ, a second turtle bot can go an read the current position of the first robot to follow the first robot and achieve formation