Nicholas Donald

Computer Science

North Carolina A&T State University

Email: nsdonald AT





Research Intersts

Autonomous Systems, Integrated Software Hardware Systems, Control Systems,

Artificial Intelligence, Microprocessing, Humanoid Robotics



BSc: 2008-now, North Carolina A&T State University, Computer Science





Current Research

Autonomous QuadCopter:

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are created in many different forms. Preparing and controlling the system requires an understanding of flying vehicles and control theories. A Quadcopter is a multirotor aerial vehicle that uses more than one main rotating motor to propel itself upward as well as control direction. Our current research explores preparing and controlling one of these vehicles autonomously. This vehicle in particular has four main motors and operates using an ARM microprocessor via an AutoQuad6 Flight controller. The ARM microprocessor utilizes a special firmware which includes libraries files for the multitasking Operating System. The advantages of a multitasking Operating System will allow the Quadcopter to be able to read multiple sensors, calculate multiple algorithms, accept and transmit ground communications, and react to its environment simultaneously.