Chaunte W. Lacewell

Electrical and Computer Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University

Email: cwlacewe AT




Research Intersts

Signal Processing, Image Processing, Data Fusion, Data Mining, Object Tracking, Pattern Recognition



BSc: 2003-2007, North Carolina A&T State University, Computer Engineering

MSc: 2009-2011, North Carolina A&T State University, Electrical Engineering

PhD: 2011-present, North Carolina A&T State University, Electrical Engineering



My Google Scholar webpage: (publications)

  1. CW Lacewell, & A. Homaifar , SCOT: Selective Clustering based Oversampling Technique. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ,2014. (submitted)
  2. CW Lacewell, A Homaifar, YL Lin, Tracing the origins and propagation of pre-tropical storm Debby (2006) mesoscale convective systems using pattern recognition and image fusion, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 119 (1-2), 43-58
  3. CW Lacewell, M Gebril, R Buaba, A Homaifar, Optimization of Image fusion using genetic algorithms and discrete wavelet transform, Proceedings of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON), 2010.
  4. CW Lacewell, A Homaifar, YL Lin, Innovative Approach to the Identification of Cloud Clusters Developing into Tropical Cyclones, The Third International Workshop on Climate Informatics, 2013


Current Research

Identification of cloud clusters developing into tropical cyclones
Currently developing an algorithm to determine the probability of a cyclone developing from a loosely organized cluster of clouds using pattern recognition techniques. Research topics investigated to complete this task include:

  • Tropical cyclogenesis to understand the basics of the genesis of tropical cyclones
  • Feature extraction techniques to analyze cloud clusters in satellite images
  • Object tracking techniques to analyze cloud clusters movement in satellite images
  • Solving imbalanced non-stationary time series classification problems
  • Classification techniques to separate clouds which are developing into a tropical cyclone from non- developing clouds