Michael Lowe

Electrical and Computer Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University

Email: mzlowe AT aggies.ncat.edu




Research Intersts

Mobile Robots



BSc:2013, North Carolina A&T State University, Electrical Engineering





Current Research

Autonomous Robots:

I have been focused on a few mobile robots for which I do configuration, testing and verification of its components and functionality. I am currently working with two Adept Mobile Robots that are highly versatile four wheel drive robotic platforms that offer features such as sonar, laser mapping, navigation, monitoring, vision, manipulation, cooperation, reconnaissance and other behaviors. I have the Cyton manipulator arm installed on one of the mobile platforms and on the other I have the laser mapping and optical camera. I have been working mostly with the manipulator arm so far and have configured the robot for different functionality between different compatible software. I have taken several notes including the software needed to communicate with the robots, step-by-step instructions on how to setup the robot the first time using different software such as ARIA, ArNetworking, and MobileEyes. I have also included several troubleshooting notes in case of errors or incompatibilities with other users. Complete with pictures, links, software, quick setup guides and troubleshooting steps, I am building a complete friendly user manual and tutorial guide for the corresponding tested robots. So far I have been able to get full physical capabilities out of the mobile platforms as well as the manipulator arm. The sonar sensors are fully functional as well as the LED indicators and speakers built into the platform. The manipulator arm has several different ways to control it, all having their own benefits. With more experience with the included software, I plan to have recorded actions and basic premeditated behaviors performed with basic C++ program files and, eventually, interaction between the two robots with direct influence or response behaviors.