SIBRA (Satellite Image-Based Retrieval Application)

SIBRA provides an interactive image search platform for a user to quickly search a large dataset to find similar images to a given image. The software is linked to the Defense Metrological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite imagery website (the entire images can be found here: This allows users to select queries from the DMSP website. Consequently, the Defense DMSP imagery dataset is the default dataset for SIBRA. However, other image datasets can be incorporated into this software (the user has the ability to create other datasets). The mission of the DMSP is to provide global visible, infrared, and passive microwave data as well as other specialized meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-geophysical data in support of worldwide Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Commerce (DoC), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) operations. The DMSP dataset grows on daily basis. As such, SIBRA has included an update capability for adding new data samples to the existing data structure. This however, may require an administrative permission, which can be granted upon request. SIBRA is currently under Beta Testing and will be improved as when necessary.

SIBRA is free! You can download it from here: (download).

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