Billy Whitehead

Electrical and Computer Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University

Email: bmwhiteh AT






Research Intersts

Open source robotics, Medical Precision controlled robotics, Prosthetics, Artificial Limbs



BS: 2011-now, North Carolina A&T State University, Electrical Engineering





Current Research

Turtlebot II:

The Turtlebot is a low cost, user-friendly robot with open source software that allows different users to write and share multiple programs. The open source platform of the Turtlebot allows all levels of users, from novice to expert, to write or even build upon code written by other users around the world. The Turtlebot is controlled by an onboard netbook that is Running ROS (Robot Operating Software). Users can write programs on the netbook, then run them from the robot; they can also use an external computer (at another location), which is also running ROS, to wirelessly connect to the onboard netbook and run programs this way, or by using an application available on most smart phones.
The Turtlebot is completely customizable (within it structure and power limits). With its 3D mapping capability, the Turtlebot is able to take multiple visual images to determine the structure and obstacles in a given room or area. Using the mapping and imaging skills the Turtlebot can be used as a moving table, drink carrier, or even a food server. Within the ROS you can also map out any given path that you want the Turtlebot to follow, write this code, then run it.
My job is to become an expert on how to run, operate, and write code for the Turtlebot. I will be completing a “how to manual” on how to operate the robot for future students.